Learn What Happens To The Body When You Eat Bananas

Bananas happen to be one of the most commonly consumed foods around the world. Not only is this yellow fruit tasty, but it makes a huge impact on our health.

From helping with depression to controlling blood sugar, here is what happens to the body when you eat bananas.

The Sugar Content In Bananas

banana on a gray background

Some may avoid eating bananas because they notice that they have high sugar content. However, all of this sugar is completely natural.

This can be compared to sugar in candy or chocolate, which is 100 percent added sugar.

Perfect For Those With Diabetes

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Those who are diagnosed with diabetes know that there are certain snacks that need to be avoided.

Bananas are actually a great snack for those with diabetes because of their low fat and calorie count.

How Many Calories Are In A Banana?

bananas that are yellow and green

Bananas are quite filling, so some may be happy to know that one banana is only about 100 calories.

It’s important not to overeat when it comes to bananas because the excess sugar can be stored as fat.

Comparing Apples To Bananas

Man deciding whether to eat apple or banana

According to Dr. Fabio Almeida, an oncologist, and nutritionist, “Like a banana, a medium apple contains around 100 calories and less than 0.5 grams of fat.

But the apple contains more sugar and less protein than a banana.”

Can Someone Overdose On Bananas?

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There has been a myth going around that someone who eats six or more bananas can overdose on potassium.

While eating too much of anything isn’t a good idea, that myth is not true whatsoever.

Why Potassium Is Vital For The Body

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Bananas are one of the leading sources of potassium among most fruits.

Potassium is a mineral electrolyte that helps people maintain their heart rate. High potassium rates and a low sodium diet help lower blood pressure as well.

Unclog Your Arteries With Bananas

banana on yellow background

Not only is the potassium in bananas great for blood pressure, but it also helps unclog arteries.

The potassium found in bananas is also useful for other cardiac issues such as heart disease.

Bananas Help With Depression

waitress holding peanut butter and banana sandwich

Bananas can also help repair mental health. Nutritionist Laura Flores said that the high levels of tryptophan get converted into serotonin.

When someone has higher levels of serotonin, this can improve mood.

Get A Good Night’s Sleep With Bananas

squirrel eating banana

If you find yourself having a hard time falling and staying asleep, then try eating some bananas before bed.

The tryptophan and vitamin B6 found in bananas both aid in sleep.

Get Energized With Bananas

Spain's Rafael Nadal shows his throat after eating a banana

It can be difficult to keep your energy levels up throughout your day-to-day life.

Bananas are here to help. The tryptophan found in bananas increases antioxidant levels, which gives people more energy.

Bananas Have Plenty Of Fiber

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If you need more fiber in your diet, then make sure to eat more bananas.

Bananas are filled with fiber and can help people with creating regular, healthy bowel movements.

Maintain Your Weight With Bananas

monkeys eating bananas

Weight loss can be a tricky process, but bananas are one of the best foods to consume for this.

The amount of fiber they provide, on top of their high level of vitamin B6, is perfect for weight management.

Control Your Blood Sugar With Bananas

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According to a study from Nutrition Bulletin, the starch in bananas creates increased amounts of short-chain fatty acids.

These acids work to maintain the condition of our guts, so it helps to regulate blood sugar.

Bananas Help Improve Vision

women in glasses eating bananas

Since there is a large amount of vitamin A found in bananas, they can help improve our vision.

Vitamin A is full of eye-related health benefits, such as the preservation of eye membranes.

Bananas Are Great For Bone Health

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While bananas don’t have as much calcium as dairy products, they are still great for bone health.

The fructooligosaccharides in bananas are carbohydrates that help the body process calcium for better bone health.

Bananas Reduce The Risk Of Kidney Cancer

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A study in Sweden found that bananas may reduce the risk of people developing kidney cancer.

They found that women who ate between four to six bananas per week had a 50 percent less chance of developing the disease.

Expectant Mothers Should Eat Bananas

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If you are currently expecting a child and are worried about developing gestational diabetes, try eating bananas.

The magnesium and tryptophan found in bananas help with a good night’s sleep, which is the best way to avoid this type of diabetes.

Should You Eat Green Bananas?

green bananas growing outside

Most may think that eating bananas while they are still green is a bad idea.

However, unripe bananas can give people better intestinal health, lower cholesterol levels, and protect against high blood pressure.

Are Overripe Bananas Safe?

brown bananas on a table

When your bananas turn brown, you may have the urge to throw them out.

This actually may not be a good idea. Food Science and Technology Research discovered that overripe bananas could increase white blood cell power by 800 percent.

Is There A Downside To Eating Too Many Bananas?

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While it’s pretty difficult to overdose on bananas, there are signs the body will show you when you’ve had enough.

If you start getting headaches or feel tired, that means you’ve reached your limit.

Keep Brushing Your Teeth If You Eat Bananas

A man in a white t-shirt and cook's paper cap smiles as he eats a banana

Since bananas have a good amount of natural sugar, they can do some damage to your dental hygiene.

Make sure to continue brushing your teeth to prevent any kind of decay.

Mix Things Up With Your Bananas

bananas on top of a pancake with berries

If you’re tired of just eating bananas straight from the peel, then try mixing things up.

Slice some up in an acai bowl or cereal. You may want to add some to oatmeal or pancakes as well.

Decrease Your Stress With Bananas

Yogurt with homemade granola, banana and blueberries

If you find yourself stressed out and wanting to feel some relief, bananas may be the answer.

They can fight negative stress and improve low moods. This is due to the tryptophan amino acid, which regulates serotonin.

Bananas Are Easily Digested

banana on top of yellow toy car

If you suffer from IBS or a similar digestive health issue, make sure to incorporate more bananas into your diet.

They are easy on the intestine and stomach and can replace lost minerals people get with gastritis, heartburn, or diarrhea.

Bananas Fight Against Colon Cancer

bananas hanging on a pole

Since bananas contain a high amount of vitamin C, the antioxidants fight against carcinogenic free radicals.

This, combined with their high fiber content, protects people from developing colon and colorectal cancers.

Maintain Normal Blood Pressure With Bananas

banana splashing in water

If high blood pressure is something that is prevalent in your family history, you may want to eat more bananas.

The high amount of potassium decreases the amount of retained fluids in the body, which lowers blood pressure levels.

The Risk Of Anemia Decreases With Bananas

bananas with faces on them

If you suffer from anemia, which is pale skin fatigue and breathlessness, bananas can help.

Bananas have tons of iron, which stimulates the production of healthy red blood cells. The vitamin B6 in bananas controls blood glucose levels as well.

Bananas Are Rich In Nutrients

women holding an open banana

Not only do bananas contain a large amount of fiber and antioxidants, but they are full of necessary nutrients.

Bananas have no fat and have high levels of magnesium, potassium, copper, niacin, folate, riboflavin, and vitamin C.

Stay Full By Eating Bananas

baseball team eating bananas

Many have trouble with overeating for various reasons, but bananas are one of the healthiest foods that can help people feel full longer.

The low-calorie and high-fiber contents of bananas make them a filling snack.

Bananas Support Exercise Recovery

soccer team eating bananas

According to Healthline, bananas are one of the best foods to eat when it comes to exercise recovery.

This is due to their large content of easily digested carbs and minerals, including potassium and magnesium, that act as electrolytes.

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