30+ Unexpected Uses For Mouthwash

Treat And Eliminate Dandruff

Mouthwash hack

An ingenious mouthwash hack to help reduce and eventually eliminate dandruff is to add it to your hair routine. After washing, dab a bit of mouthwash onto a cotton swab and apply it to the scalp and any troublesome flaky parts.

The antibacterial and antiseptic properties in the mouthwash helps kill any fungus or bacteria that is contributing to the formation of the flakes. This hack can help your hair be cleaner and healthier and reduce the need to worry about dandruff.

Mouthwash Deodorant

Mouthwash hacks

Mouthwash can be used as a great alternative body deodorant. Start by putting some mouthwash under your underarms, and the odor-causing bacteria will be eliminated. The alcohol in the mouthwash will also help dry the skin, aiding in the never-ending fight against body odors.

This hack is perfect for camping trips or if you are frugal and want to save money on expensive deodorants. However, it is not recommended for regular use as it can damage skin over time due to its aggressive properties.

Heal Bruises With Mouthwash

Mouthwash hacks

Mouthwash can be an excellent remedy for bruises. Applying it topically can help decrease the size and appearance of bruises. The antiseptic present in mouthwash can help reduce inflammation, helping to reduce pain and discomfort associated with bruises.

Here is something else to consider. Bruises are a collection of damaged blood cells. Mouthwash’s alcohol content works to increase blood flow to the bruise, speeding up the recovery process. To apply, dip a cotton swab in the mouthwash and gently dab on the bruise.

Minty Fresh Toilet Bowls

Mouthwash hacks

Adding mouthwash to your toilet can be a great cleaning hack. The antiseptic properties of mouthwash can be very effective in helping to break down stains and freshen your toilet bowl. Start by pouring a generous amount of your preferred mouthwash into the toilet bowl, wait for a few minutes, then scrub with a toilet brush and flush.

You can even leave a small amount of mouthwash in the bowl between cleanings to help keep the toilet smelling fresh. This ingenious tip is an easy and affordable way to keep toilets clean and fresh.

Athlete’s Foot Is No Match For Mouthwash

Mouthwash hacks

Athlete’s Foot is an infection caused by a fungus, leading to itchy, scaly skin. To informally treat the problem, some people swear by using a mouthwash hack. That is, putting mouthwash on the feet and letting it sit for several minutes.

The goal is that the antiseptic properties will help to eliminate any bacteria on the feet, keeping Athlete’s Foot from returning. It is important to remember that this method is best used as a preventative measure and not to treat an already existing infection.

Mouthwash To Sanitize Toothbrushes

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Soaking your toothbrush in a mouthwash solution is an excellent hack for providing daily oral care. Submerging your toothbrush bristles into mouthwash will help remove bacteria and reduce plaque. It also acts as a refreshing rinse for your mouth.

This method will help keep your toothbrush free of all bacteria or mold if left out and not properly rinsed after use. A bonus of using this tip is that it can maintain a healthy, minty, fresh breath and keep your smile looking its best.

Disinfect Ear Piercings

Mouthwash hacks

Mouthwash is a unique hack to disinfect ears after piercings to prevent infections. To use this hack, apply a few drops of mouthwash onto a small cotton ball and gently rub it around the piercing. The alcohol in the mouthwash will help to kill any bacteria that may be present.

Although the stinging sensation from the alcohol may be uncomfortable, it should not be difficult to handle. If the sting is too intense, try to dilute the mouthwash with a few drops of sterile water. Do this as needed daily or whatever your piercer says for best results.

Deodorize Garbage Cans

Mouthwash hacks

Using mouthwash as a hack to freshen and eliminate odors inside garbage cans is one of the fascinating and creative ways to use it. A few splashes of mouthwash in the empty bin will do well to take out unpleasant scents.

However, be aware that this method will not work for food waste due to the powerful odor given by rotting food. Instead, use natural odor absorbers like baking soda or activated charcoal for dealing with food odors. This tip also avoids wasting money on unnecessary cleaning solutions falsely promising results.

Maintain Cleanliness Of Humidifiers

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Keeping your humidifier clean is essential to ensure healthy air quality. To simplify the process, try this mouthwash hack. First, add one to two tablespoons of mouthwash to the water while operating the humidifier.

The antiseptic ingredients in the mouthwash can help kill germs, bacteria, and other organisms that can accumulate in a humidifier over time. Cleaning your humidifier this way can help reduce the growth of mold, pollen, and other allergens and help improve the air quality for you and your family.

Wipe Down Screens For Devices And Laptops

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Clean and sanitize your electronic devices with this easy mouthwash hack. Dilute about a tablespoon of mouthwash with a cup of water and purchase a soft and lint-free cloth, preferably microfiber. Using the diluted solution, wipe the screens of your laptops, tablets, and phones.

This hack will clean the screens and help sanitize them, leaving them free from germs and bacteria. After wiping off the screen, dry it using a dry cloth. Now, your device has been given a deep clean and shine.

Extend The Life Of Flowers And Plants

Mouthwash hack

Adding mouthwash to flowers and plants can help keep them fresh and extend their life. This mouthwash hack works by controlling the bacteria in the water that supplies nutrients to the flowers and plants.

First, mix one part mouthwash with five parts water and use this solution to water the plants. Alternatively, you can add a few drops of mouthwash to each vase of flowers to keep them fresh for longer. This simple hack is a great way to extend the life of your flowers and plants.

Deter Pets From Leaving Their Mark

Mouthwash hacks

Keep pesky pets from marking their territory by using a creative mouthwash hack. Mix one cup of water and three tablespoons of clear mouthwash into a spray bottle. Then, spray the area where your pet typically seeks relief. This should repel them with its overpowering mint smell.

Employing this method may teach your furry friend that the outdoors is the best spot for peeing, saving your indoor surfaces simultaneously. Plus, mouthwash is easy to find and affordable, meaning it will not break the bank. Give this method a try, and your home could stay pet-spray-free.

Cold Sore Treatment

Mouthwash hacks

Mouthwash can be used on cold sores as it is an antiseptic. It helps reduce the infection and any secondary infections, allowing faster recovery. It can help to reduce redness and swelling and increase healing.

If using a mouthwash, alcohol-free might be a safer option to reduce irritation of the cold sores. After cleansing the area, apply some mouthwash onto a cotton swab and dab it gently onto the sore. Repeat this process several times to reduce inflammation and help the sore heal faster.

Clean Glass Using Mouthwash

Mouthwash hacks

Mouthwash is an effective cleaning agent that can be used in more ways than just keeping your breath smelling fresh. Using mouthwash to clean glass and mirrors makes for a great hack. Just pour a capful of mouthwash onto a lint-free cloth. Then, using a damp cloth, wipe the glass or mirror surfaces.

The antibacterial components and minty scent of the solution you created will help to remove dust particles, dirt, and bacteria from the surfaces, leaving them sparkling clean-looking and smelling fresh.

Polish Your Metallic Artwork

Mouthwash hack

Mouthwash is not just for getting rid of bad breath. It can be an effective and surprisingly safe cleaner for metal artwork and household items. To restore shine to the metal, dip a cloth in one part mouthwash and two parts water and gently rub them on the object.

This combination is both antibacterial and gentle enough to avoid damaging the metal. After cleaning, use a dry cloth to buff and dry the metal. This hack is an ingenious way of restoring the luster and shine of metal items while leaving a fresh and minty scent.

Deal With Unsightly Nail Fungus

Mouthwash hacks

Mouthwash can help with nail fungus due to its antiseptic properties. Mix one part mouthwash with one part white vinegar, and apply the solution to the affected nails using a cotton wool pad.

Do this twice to three times each day, then throw the pad away since reusing it could cause reinfection. Keep your nails healthy and clean with this simple and effective remedy. Consult a physician as soon as possible if the problem persists, as it can lead to other issues and is contagious.

Apply Mouthwash As A Hand Sanitizer

Mouthwash hacks

Mouthwash is not only limited to cleaning its namesake. An unusual hack is using it to sanitize your hands. Begin by pouring a small amount into one of your palms, swirl it around like you were washing your hands, and rinse it off with hot water.

What an effective way to eliminate bacteria and make you feel squeaky clean. Mouthwash can also work as a deodorizer or astringent for bruises or cuts, proving its versatility. The next time you reach for the hand sanitizer bottle, save your money and use mouthwash instead.

Repurpose Soap Dispenser For Mouthwash

Mouthwash hacks

Reusing a soap dispenser is a novel idea for a creative mouthwash hack. They are an attractive and practical alternative to clunky plastic bottles of mouthwash. You can add a decorative flair to spaces like the guest washroom or main bathroom, and the mouthwash will keep fresh with a sealed dispenser lid.

You can choose the option of branded mouthwash, buy a value brand, or make your unique blend. Either way, the sleek design and efficient accessibility of a dispenser can add a polished touch to any functional space.

Soothe Razorburn With Mouthwash Aftershave

Mouthwash hack

Mouthwash is not just for a minty fresh breath. It can also be used as a soothing aftershave. Do not waste money on expensive aftershave balms. Begin by dabbing a little onto your skin after a shave and feel the calming effects.

The menthol in the mouthwash acts as an antiseptic and provides a cooling sensation on freshly shaven skin. You also win because the fluoride present can help protect skin from nicks and cuts. Mouthwash as an aftershave is an affordable, efficient way to help soothe freshly shaven skin and keep it looking fresh.

Rid Your Skin Of Acne

Mouthwash hacks

When applied directly to your skin, mouthwash can be an effective natural remedy for treating acne and other blemishes. Common ingredients, such as menthol and eucalyptus, can help reduce inflammation, open skin pores, and remove surface oils that could be clogging and trapping bacteria.

The antibacterial and antiseptic properties of the active ingredients can also help promote healing and reduce the amount of bacteria on the skin. By reducing redness and inflammation, the mouthwash helps treat existing blemishes and prevents future breakouts.

Clean Floors Using Mouthwash

Mouthwash hacks

Substituting floor cleaners with mouthwash can be a great hack. This is because mouthwash contains essential elements that can benefit your mouth and floors. The solution for freshening breath eliminates bacteria wherever you apply it and provides a sheen and protection from germs.

Mouthwash is also great for mopping since it helps to reduce bacteria left on any surface. Not only is this a cheap and cost-effective solution, but it will also leave your floors clean. Afterward, rinse away the sticky residue with warm water and soap.

Remove Garlic Odor From Hands

Mouthwash hack

Mouthwash makes an effective hack for eliminating garlic odors from your hands. It kills germs and cleanses just like it does for your mouth. Pour a cap-full into your palms and rub it thoroughly over your entire hand.

This works best if you let it sit for a minute or two. Rinse your hands with cold water, and repeat if necessary. Not only does it eliminate garlic odors, but it also kills bacteria on the hands that can cause infections and illnesses. Keep your hands clean and germ-free with this simple hack.

Relieve Cracked Skin

Mouthwash hacks

Cracked skin can be uncomfortable, especially on the feet. With this potent and creative hack, some people use mouthwash to help relieve the pain caused by skin cracking. It has numerous active ingredients, such as menthol and thymol, to help remove dead skin on the feet.

This brings antibacterial and antifungal properties to the skin, helping keep it clean, healthy, and hydrated. Menthol has a cooling effect to soothe any discomfort from the cracks. For this reason, many people also use mouthwash on their feet as part of their regular skincare routine.

Control Pests

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Household mouthwashes can be a great way to deter rodents naturally. The strong odors they produce are effective in repelling these unwelcome visitors. The compounds typically include eucalyptus, menthol, and thymol, all of which have distinct smells that mice have proved to dislike.

You can apply mouthwash directly on the areas rodents are likely to inhabit or dilute them in water and spray it around the affected areas. This is an efficient and cost-effective method of keeping those pesky critters away.

Make Bathroom Waterstains A Memory

Mouthwash hack

Mouthwash can be repurposed to clean and eliminate water stains in the bathroom. An old toothbrush works best when used and combined with mouthwash to scrub and dislodge grime from tiled surfaces. Spraying a generous amount of mouthwash to the stained area can effectively help to remove the buildup.

The polishing effect of the mouthwash works perfectly to disinfect and deep clean grout and tiles. It is a handy, inexpensive cleaning hack that leaves a pleasant and minty smell in the bathroom.

Treat Plant Fungicide

Mouthwash hacks

A helpful and potent mouthwash hack for killing powdery mildew spores on plants. It is a highly concentrated liquid solution containing ethanol and essential oils, which kill germs. To use the hack, spray the affected plants with the mouthwash solution and let it dry. The ethanol and essential oils evaporate, killing the fungus and spores.

The active ingredients present in the mouthwash make it an effective home remedy for killing powdery mildew on plants and flowers. It is an easy and low-budget way to keep your plants disease-free and provide long-term protection.

Use To Get Rid Of Head Lice

Mouthwash hack

One hack to combat lice is to use mouthwash. Experts have suggested that the high alcohol content, in combination with some of the essential oils, may asphyxiate the critters, making them unable to reproduce.

To use the mouthwash to help fight lice, mix one tablespoon of mouthwash in 8 ounces of warm water. Use a spray bottle to spray the solution down the scalp, avoiding the eyes. Leave it on the scalp for several minutes. Use a lice comb to remove the lice from the scalp. Rinse the scalp with warm water and repeat the process as needed.

Take Away Odor From Cat Pee

Mouthwash hacks

Mouthwash is an effective mouthwash known for its ability to kill bacteria. It also has the potential to reduce odors from cat urine. Do a spot test on any surface to ensure it will not cause staining. If it is safe, dilute it with water and use it as an odor eliminator.

To eliminate the cat urine odor, spray the area with the dilute mixture of the mouthwash and then dry it with a towel. Be aware it is an effective way to kill bacteria and eliminate odors, but it may not be the best solution for unsealed flooring.

Handle Ticks On Humans And Pets

Mouthwash hack

Mouthwash as a tick remover is an ingenious hack. Mouthwash contains alcohol, the key ingredient that helps in removing ticks. Applying it to pets is an effective way of keeping them safe from parasites.

Start by slightly dampening a cotton ball with the mouthwash and then rubbing it on the fur. The alcohol will paralyze the ticks, making them easy to extract. All you have to do is use a pair of tweezers to grab the tick’s head and remove it carefully.

Wasp Stings

Mouthwash hacks

Applying mouthwash to stings is a creative hack that helps provide quick relief from the pain of their venom. The ammonia found in it neutralizes the venom, reducing swelling, while its mild soap disinfects the sting site.

Start by dabbing some of the product on the sting and wait for the relief to set in. With the antiseptic effect of the most common solutions helping disinfect the skin area, this mouthwash hack works fast and effectively to alleviate pain while protecting the sting site.

Disinfect Washing Machines

Mouthwash hacks

Make your laundry smell fresh and clean once more. Add a cup of sugarless, alcohol-based mouthwash to the wash cycle for your clothes. This will help remove the bacteria or mildew lurking on your towels, socks, and gym clothes.

The mouthwash will work to purge away germs, leaving your items clean and smelling great afterward. It is an easy and affordable way to keep your laundry refreshed and hygienic. It can be poured before washing but should be thoroughly rinsed away because the ingredients may be harmful to the appliance.

Comfort Toothaches

Mouthwash hacks

To relieve toothaches, try an antiseptic mouthwash. The rinse can often be used instead of the traditional medical route. These rinses can help reduce the pain from an infection and stimulate healing, killing or reducing bacteria in the area. Many different bacteria can cause toothaches or infections to develop, such as periapical abscesses or gingivitis.

Rinsing regularly with an antiseptic can help to reduce symptoms of these toothaches and infections and help you heal. You can use the rinse to treat a tooth infection and carefully follow directions on the packaging for best results.

Polish Cast Iron Pots And Pans

Mouthwash hacks

Clean your cast iron pans with the unexpected household staple of mouthwash. Splash some in the pan and sprinkle in a bit of salt. Scrub with a brush or non-abrasive pad before washing out. This will clean the pan and grill grates without stripping the seasoning on the cast iron.

This is a great tip to use while camping, and it is convenient since most camping kits have mouthwash on the menu. Talk about a hack that multitasks. You disinfect your mouth and make your pans sparkle.

Stop Coughs Cold With Mouthwash

Mouthwash hacks

Mouthwash can be a great hack to reduce or eliminate coughing. It contains antiseptic ingredients that can attack and treat the source of the cough and throat irritation. Gargling with mouthwash helps clear the throat of things irritating the airways, leading to fewer coughs.

It can also help to loosen chest congestion and reduce any inflammation in the throat. It is an effective cough suppressant that helps to fight bad breath and plaque to keep your breath and teeth healthy.

Whiten Fingernails And Toenails

Mouthwash hack

Mouthwash for whitening nails? Believe it or not, it is true. Picking a liquid mouthwash with a high alcohol percentage is the main detail to remember. Dab a cotton pad with the mouthwash, then use it to wipe gently across your nails.

Let it stay for a few minutes, and rinse off with water. Its antifungal properties and quick whitening results make it the ultimate choice for yellow nails and pesky infections. Once you have tried this hack, you will not be disappointed.

Heal Blisters

Mouthwash hacks

Studies suggest that a home remedy for blisters is to use mouthwash. It can provide immediate relief and, in some cases, also help the blister heal faster. Blisters occur when the pressure of friction causes tissue to rupture and release plasma. To use the hack, moisten a cotton ball with mouthwash and dab the area three times daily.

This will help the area to dry out and reduce discomfort. It is important to remember to use a high-quality antiseptic mouthwash and to discontinue use if it appears to be causing further irritation.

Cradle Cap Treatment

Mouthwash hack

Cradle cap is a dry, scaly condition on the scalp of infants. Listerine mouthwash can be used to treat it due to its antiseptic, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties. The cooling action of the main ingredient, Methyl salicylate, helps soothe an itchy scalp and can help reduce the scaling caused by dandruff.

Applying mouthwash to the scalp for a few minutes before shampooing can help loosen the scales and reduce the severity of the cradle cap. Regular use of the mouthwash can help maintain the scalp’s healthy condition.

Cast Away Rain Rot On Horse Hooves

Mouthwash hacks

To treat rain rot, using a disinfectant may help. Be sure to keep the infected area dry after applying. If the issue persists, add a mouthwash to the equation. Mouthwash has been proven to work in some cases, although it may take time.

It is also possible that it may go away without treatment, so it may be worth waiting to see if it gets better on its own. Regardless, if the rain rot continues to cause distress, mouthwash may provide some relief for your beloved livestock.

Sore Throat Relief

Mouthwash hacks

Mouthwash can be an effective way to reduce the pain of sore throats. Its active ingredients include peppermint, menthol, and eucalyptus, all possess anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and anti-bacterial qualities. This combination helps reduce swelling, numbing painful areas, and helping to soothe the throat.

For even better relief, mouthwash can be applied directly to the throat without diluting it because it will allow the ingredients to sink deeper into the area. With its multiple benefits, mouthwash provides fast and effective relief to scratchy and irritated throats.

Improve The Breath Of The Garbage Disposal

Mouthwash hacks

Pouring mouthwash down the garbage disposal can make your kitchen sink smell fresh and help to keep it clean. Besides the pleasant odor that it leaves in the room, it can also be worthwhile in destroying bacteria and other microbes in the drain.

Mouthwash contains antiseptic ingredients that can help to get rid of bacteria in much the same way that it helps to kill germs in the mouth. When it is poured down the disposal, it should be given time to sit to help destroy any bacteria that may be lurking in the pipes.

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